Get Your Core Bikini Ready

Baring your midsection to hundreds of strangers isn’t easy when you aren’t completely confident about the way you look. Never fear, there is still time to beautify your abs for bikini season. Keep in mind that while ripped hard abs look great, there is more to having a healthy core. The core section of theContinue reading “Get Your Core Bikini Ready”

Choosing an exercise to repair the body

Squats Vs. Kegel Exercises For A Healthy Pelvic Floor In Women Women have been doing Kegels for years trying to undo the damage done to their pelvic floor due to weak muscles surrounding that area. Signs of a weak pelvic floor include a lack of the curve of the lower back, lack of glutes (that’sContinue reading “Choosing an exercise to repair the body”

More health tips for women

Being a super woman is a health concern that threatens you mentally as well as physically. Taking time for yourself is not selfish… it is necessary. When we take time to relax, we allow our bodies to wind down and rest allowingfor physical, mental, and spiritual reparation. Yoga eases anxiety, depression, and stress and bringsContinue reading “More health tips for women”

The Weight Bench is Not Just for Men: Strength Training for Women

Strength training may be regularly thought of as a masculine activity. Weight benches are often occupied by men and when you think of weight rooms, you probably imagine a lot of guys hanging around working on their triceps, biceps, calves and quads. However, weight training is certainly not just for men, and women can engageContinue reading “The Weight Bench is Not Just for Men: Strength Training for Women”

The Female Guide To Getting Lean, Trim, And Hard

Fit is the new hot. Long gone are the days where skinny women are considered the best looking. Society has finally woken up to the fact that strong women are sexy. However, because of our chemical makeup, it can be hard for women to get a lean and trim body. If you are determined toContinue reading “The Female Guide To Getting Lean, Trim, And Hard”