How Sleep can Prevent Chronic Illnesses

We’ve all suffered through days of headache, fatigue and irritability after a bad night’s sleep for whatever reason. Sure, you can make up for it with a power nap or by sleeping it off the following night. But when insufficient sleep becomes the norm and you’re not getting anywhere from 7 – 9 hours ofContinue reading “How Sleep can Prevent Chronic Illnesses”

5 Ways To Add More Balance To Your Life

We need balance in order to live a happy and healthy life; everything in this world comes down to finding the proper balance. Whether it’s in work life and home life, eating healthy and eating what makes you happy, doing stuff for others without neglecting yourself, etc., everything works better and goes more smoothly whenContinue reading “5 Ways To Add More Balance To Your Life”

4 Ways to Live a Healthier Life

There are multiple things we can do to improve the quality of our life, and most of it is rooted in taking better care of our health. Its not a costly feat or a burdensome challenge, its the simple measures we take that makes the greatest impact. It’s important to note, that what constitutes aContinue reading “4 Ways to Live a Healthier Life”

ole school remedies

Ole school Remedies In The Modern World There’s a lot of holistic, natural, old-world remedies people swear by. They swear up and down that these old-world remedies are far safer than the new world drugs and chemicals and more effective to boot. While that isn’t true 100% of the time, some old-world remedies do inContinue reading “ole school remedies”

Just another day, but one with a greater purpose!

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. This is not a new blog, its one that I’ve been writing from childhood, I didn’t know it, until i heard silence, it was then I realised, life is a story. I just didn’t know I was suppose to share it. Subscribe below to getContinue reading “Just another day, but one with a greater purpose!”

Itallifestyle is garden of Eden life

At times tears are a pleasure, the feeling reminds us that we are alive, that we’re conscious about our surroundings and that we appreciate feeling comforted. Do you ever wonder why what happens to you, is happening? Or do you get so hung up on the pain, that you forget, that other elements are atContinue reading “Itallifestyle is garden of Eden life”