Your time and how you spend it matters, own your time!!

Did you know that research has shown that a significant percentage of heart attacks take place on a Monday morning? The question is do people really hate Mondays or do they hate where they go on Mondays ? May be its every day and not just Mondays, you know how people tend to get useContinue reading “Your time and how you spend it matters, own your time!!”

My granny use to say “You can do anything once you put you mind to it”

Success is guaranteed when you’ve identified your truth. Difficulty in life occurs because the mind is confused as to where exactly you see yourself. The mind is a powerful tool, which, if instructed accurately will bring you the result that you desire. If it is healing that you require, the mind can repair the bodyContinue reading “My granny use to say “You can do anything once you put you mind to it””

Get Your Core Bikini Ready

Baring your midsection to hundreds of strangers isn’t easy when you aren’t completely confident about the way you look. Never fear, there is still time to beautify your abs for bikini season. Keep in mind that while ripped hard abs look great, there is more to having a healthy core. The core section of theContinue reading “Get Your Core Bikini Ready”

Choosing an exercise to repair the body

Squats Vs. Kegel Exercises For A Healthy Pelvic Floor In Women Women have been doing Kegels for years trying to undo the damage done to their pelvic floor due to weak muscles surrounding that area. Signs of a weak pelvic floor include a lack of the curve of the lower back, lack of glutes (that’sContinue reading “Choosing an exercise to repair the body”

Here is a listing of Calcium dense foods. Calcium is plentiful in plant foods that are allowed on the Paleo Diet.

Check out a few examples of calcium rich foods Orange juice, fortified with calcium Tempeh and tofu Tahini Almond or almond butter            Turnip greens, raw      Kale, raw         Edamame,      Figs Bok choy Broccoli, raw Of course, supplements are also available, including vitamin D that helps with absorption of calcium.

How Yoga Can Improve Women’s Health

Yoga has been a cultural buzzword for almost a century. Its practices and techniques have made claims to affect everything from blood circulation to insomnia. Whether by a friend’s anecdote or through a new story shared on a Facebook feed, women have heard of this practice. There are benefits to women’s health through the practiceContinue reading “How Yoga Can Improve Women’s Health”