Freedom through e-commerce

For aprox 10 years, I’ve watch the e-commerce industry climb to heights, unimaginable, from drop shipping to affiliate marketing to content creation to digital products, etc etc etc. Legitimate means to exists in a totally digital world via the World Wide Web ie the internet. This was always coming from the days of America online,Continue reading “Freedom through e-commerce”

Habit is the master of all skills

Becoming a master of any skill is relatively easy, does this sound strange? Mastery has become something far removed not because it is, but because we have allowed ourselves to forget that we become masters of walking, speaking, sitting and eating because we repeat the act regularly. Lets go back to when we were aContinue reading “Habit is the master of all skills”

Fear is an indication that greatness is close by.

We live in a world where we are taught to be fearful, I think its an excuse for the complacency that crept into a society where quantity became more important than quality. Gone are the days when people cherish their craft, accepting to be mediocre instead. Living crippled by fear is choosing mediocrity over master-ship.Continue reading “Fear is an indication that greatness is close by.”