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I love this land called Anguilla but we have lost the spirit of being Anguillian which was handed down to our generation by our foreparents. We have allowed ourselves to be influenced by foreign elements and to our way we must return. If we don’t our children will loose orientation and their behavior shall bring shame to our heritage! Do you recall the song O island in the sun, will to me by my father’s hand? We need to sing it and remind ourselves of the contract we have with our ancestors.

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Among our people we have a game we play, we laugh at the mistakes our children make and telling them to toughen up. Yep, so by the time they’re adults they’ve toughen up so much that they totally stopped trying. Now we tell them they have no innovation, all they do is what the other person does, do you know why? They are afraid of being laughed at when they fail so they only do what they see works. Even the obese now now call themselves big bone, as they havent the mental courage to do anything to bring themselves bck to a healthy state, they’ve become so tough! This is Caribbean wide, how did you learn how to hate your own progress so thoroughly? This is where mental health money needs to be spent, how can one see their grandmother /father, mother/father, aunties/uncles brothers and sisters dying for the same disease that’s plagued the family for 100 years and change nothing? They are afraid to try and fail, but if they try they could succeed and break a family trait that has failed them for generations.

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I do not see myself through the eyes of anyone else but myself. When the media pretends as if I do not exist, I’m forced to mention myself, if that offends you, speak to the media! I’ve never seen an African in all the discoveries scientist claim to have found of ancient times, sound very similar to that jesus christ story, so this backward shit is still going on and I’m suppose to be so dumb to pretend as if my brain hasn’t picked it up! The School, church, college, University indoctrination didn’t work on me!

The Great Pyramid of Giza, Tomb in Egypt

Habits of people with low esteem

They are constantly looking for others to make fun of!

We are in a world, where rather than work to overcome our weakness, we’ve learnt to market them as beautiful and unique.

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I don’t like the Modern Caribbean, Its empty and hold small change more important than people. Our islands are small enough to maintain authentic Caribbean life at a high enough standard to be among the happiest nations on earth. We need to redraw our blueprint, something’s gone wrong!

They contaminated trust and cause you to doubt by saying never trust one who says trust me! The words trust me are uttered from the soul, its a contract that if broken will begin the destruction of the physical. Restore your life line, restore your trust!

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Reality is a bitter cup to swallow. Some of us bury it in religion, some bury it in promiscuity, some in the bottle, some in drugs. If you associate with the right people, people who your energy choses rather than your desire, you shall reign supreme because your creator that dwells in you is supreme. Make it your business to meet your divine self because with your divine self beside you, you walk with knowledge of everything you need to dominate reality!

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We do not feel oppressed because we are weak individuals, we feel oppressed because we stand alone. Unity is strength

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A problem well stated is half solved. Don’t allow your appreciation for someone prevent you from speaking the truth. I love the hospitality industry, its where I found my earliest confidence, however, we must contain its influence over our island. Unfortunately, the hospitality industry has influenced our citizen to live a life like a tourist, over spending because we’ve lost bearing that a typical holiday lasts for 10 days. We have turned our entire existence into a holiday. Most of us drink every single day, forgetting that our tourist friends return to their homes and will not engage in the heavy drinking / spending/ bar crawling for a next few months. These excesses bring dis- ease to an already tired body. Excessive drinking, insufficient rest, chicken and chips and pizza meals and high stress from having to manage wages that are rather low in comparison to the cost of living on the island will eventually result in irreversible damage to your body. Love the friends who visit us but love yourself enough to live!

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