Rasta within

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The point of life is to be who you know you are, adding nor subtracting nothing!

May be an image of sky, twilight and nature

Speaking silently

Have you ever felt compelled to speak of something, that nothing has been said of, but you know there is an implied exclusion of ideas that should have been mentioned? life is a playground for a thinker!

Here is the world we would all like the read about, not see, we just like it in a story because it ignites the emotion in us and remind us of our humanity. Yep thats it!

Imagine if we really wished to see the world of harmony? It would cost too much anyway and we love what we have, we’re not willing to give it up.

Ar well if you’ve read to the end, you felt the feeling, lets get back to our comfortable world.

Rasta says The Sun shines for all, the rain falls on everyone’s house, this is the best example for the harmony of humanity!

Published by Itallifestyle

Reviving the natural way of life, uncovering the golden Rasta hidden in the worthless clay! Core building ideas for the restoration of strong will, for only in knowing thyself can one reconnect the truth between the body, the mind and the soul. To honor the ancestors is to remind ourselves of what they taught us, so that we may carry on the torch of light!

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