Meet Tsharnii

Tsharnii is a life lover, all life.

Cats are my responsibility as i pass through this plane.

A seer in nature from childhood, I spend my time trying to figure out solutions to maters that challenge humanity. I love nature because it is truth, so i love truth. As a child I felt to ashamed when I was caught lying at age 7.

The embarrassment was worst than the chastisement, which was too much for me so i decided I wouldn’t lie.

Life’s not that easy, society imposes lies upon its citizens and ties those lies to the perks you receive from the system, so I lied to get those perks.

I observed the trauma it brought to people’s lives and decided again at 21, when i am free of my present relationship I would come clean.

When you make an agreement, if you cannot see it through, then do what you can to close out that contract and start with a new with terms that you can follow through.

Having this outlook on life has allowed me to realize somethings that are not so common.

I share hoping that others can begin to reverse the mental death of truth and restore the power they were created with.

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Reviving the natural way of life, uncovering the golden Rasta hidden in the worthless clay! Core building ideas for the restoration of strong will, for only in knowing thyself can one reconnect the truth between the body, the mind and the soul. To honor the ancestors is to remind ourselves of what they taught us, so that we may carry on the torch of light!

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