How to tap the brain to win

The brain is a powerful tool, you don’t need anyone to confirm that for you, just go to the mirror in your bathroom and confirm it for yourself.

I hear you ask how? We’ll just take a look at your eyes, nose and mouth, do you see any errors? What do you think is responsible for organizing them? Ok if that’s not rocket science, take a look at the pupil of your eyes, do you see how it adjusts to light? What do you think is responsible for that? Wiggle your toes, what’s responsible for that?

UV light

I’ve pointed all this out to remind you that your brain is powerful beyond our imagination. For the most part we tend to take things for granted that seem to come easy not realizing that the only reason it seems easy is due to the sophisticated execution of our brain’s ability.

Now that we’ve been reminded, lets see how we can use this to our benefit

Identify your why

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We are all driven by the desire to succeed in some way or the other, but often we ask ourselves how do we succeed?


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We can do 100 things at the same time because that’s the way the brain works but in order to see measurable change if we put our attention behind one thing we’ll see the change sooner.


Having identified where we will place our attention, we’ve got to ask ourselves have we the relevant information that contributes to the success of the idea? You see the mind must be convinced that success is attainable in the pursuits that it decides on and how this is done is by an intellectual analysis of the information relating to the area of interest.

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Just like in financial accounting, the more precise the information is that one has, the better position they’re in to make an informed decision.  

Outside the comfort zone

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As we move through life, the brain asks a series of question about where we are? Where we’re heading? and why are we heading in this direction? It relies on its internal information system to answer these questions.

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It’s internal information system is fed by research through observation, experience and information passed through traditions. Developing staying power is based on the brain’s ability to answer the questions, it will ask itself as one physically approaches a challenge.

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If the relevant information is not available in the brains information system then the brain will instruct the body to go in search of additional information. When the brain is satisfied with the information it has available and is successful with its result from implementing that information, knowledge is developed .


With knowledge i.e the know-how, the brain becomes familiar with the environment in which it finds itself and begins to repeat this familiar action. Through repetition, a sequence is developed for the execution of this action.

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Over time this sequenced is learnt and reinforced, thus increasing the efficiency of the brain to carry out this action next time round.  This act builds commitment, in fact, commitment is built through the enjoyment the brain experiences from being successful each time it performs the act.


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Prolonged commitment leads to the development of habit, habit is the automatic impulse to conduct an act.  No longer is effort required, as the body, mind and soul are now delighted to repeat the act, due to the gratification associated with observing the results of the action.


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Understanding the brain and how it operates, goes a far way to facilitating your success story. There is a significant amount of discomfort in teaching the brain anything new but over time it all subsides.

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If one understands the process one can wait out the discomfort, knowing for a certainty that the learning process can deliver nothing else but success, however most people give up too quickly and thus they learn and develop the habit of how to giving up. That’s the thing the brain is always learning, it is a learning organ, its only purpose is to master the environment presented to it.

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If one understands this sequence then one is in a position to tap the brain to win.

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