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For aprox 10 years, I’ve watch the e-commerce industry climb to heights, unimaginable, from drop shipping to affiliate marketing to content creation to digital products, etc etc etc.

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Legitimate means to exists in a totally digital world via the World Wide Web ie the internet.

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This was always coming from the days of America online, when internet was loaded on a CD disc to be uploaded to a computer somewhere in a basement.

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 With the emergence of platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Youtube, Facebook Twitter, Instagram etc and the potential clients that these platform attract, together with data analysis, the potential of e-commerce  has exploded.

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This has added hope to everyone, from big business to entrepreneurs the world over.  What has made it even more attractive is the ability for information regarding successes to go viral on these platforms, spreading glad tiding to those looking for new horizons to explore.

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While it built its reputation through passive means over the years, the presence of CIVID 19 has seen the true potential of e-commerce shine like a sun from the west.

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We would hope everyone has seen it by now, but just in case you haven’t, Barbados went on record to let the world know, that as a country, they shall be creating a visa that facilitates the  laptop life style in the chill of the Caribbean breeze, sun, sand and turquoise sea.  

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It’s like a dream, a working opportunity to live as if your happiness depended on it. Check put this article

  And your health does depend on your work environment, work stress is a leading cause of ill health, studies have even shown that a significant percentage of heart attacks occur on a Monday morning.

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For this and other reasons, millions of dissatisfied workers and entrepreneurs are now browsing the internet looking for that equation to turn their lifetime hobby into a striving enterprise. I have done considerable research seeking out a lifestyle online.   

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E-commerce has its own energy to revolutionize the way, we’ve all done business in the past.

Never before has it been so easy for a person living anywhere in the world to pull together a business idea without traveling or knowing the person with whom they wish to do business.

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All that needs to take place, is the product being sold on a platform, is presented to a person who is interested in whats being offered.

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If you wish to understand more relating to creating an income online I’ve included an affiliate link

If you transact business with this link, I’ll earn a commission for providing it, this is an e-commerce transaction.

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While it may not seem a great deal, the more links I provide, the increased number of opportunities for transactions. Over time this can amount to become equivalent to a full time salary.

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The prospects of e-commerce can only get greater as knowledge and know how increases.

What we do know is, there is no turning back, more and more business and entrepreneurs are moving their interest online, especially in the face that mobile use is increasingly becoming the means of interaction in a world always on the go!


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That is, if it’s not here already!

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