Habit is the master of all skills

Becoming a master of any skill is relatively easy, does this sound strange?

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Mastery has become something far removed not because it is, but because we have allowed ourselves to forget that we become masters of walking, speaking, sitting and eating because we repeat the act regularly.

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Lets go back to when we were a child, just learning to walk, talk, sit and eat, we recall the effort our parents made to encourage us to sit straight, chew our food, walk properly and talk properly, we’ve all heard the old saying “train up a child in the way it should grow, and when it grows up it will never depart. This is to say however you train that child it becomes.

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The reference to a child speaks to the mind accepting guidance to enable that child to do the things that they see others doing.

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Whenever we are enter an unknown space, the brain positions itself to gain knowledge so that it may reduce the discomfort,that the psyche experiences. It is at this point the brain is open to learning.

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How it accepts the new knowledge is dependent upon the individuals attitude toward life, ie the way they have been taught to view new knowledge.

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A master’s mindset will see the opportunity to dominate the energy in that space, this does not mean to dominate others, no, but instead to dominate the discomfort felt by being in a space of new information.

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As we live in a space of dual reality, the opposing mindset to mastering skill is to just to get by or to master the impression of doing when infact all one is doing is appearing to master ie the impressionist, the master impressionist.  

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In everything, one has the choice to master the skill or master the impression of knowing the skill, both masters require the same effort to become masters, however the master of the skill, benefits in the long run, the impressionist never stays around long enough to be a benefit to themselves or others.

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Mastering comes naturally because the brain is a precision tool of natural intelligence, when natural intelligence is repeated, that intelligence becomes habitual as habit is developed by precise repetition.

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Whatever we repeatedly do, we will perfect, to the extent that we become “masters”, therefore master good habit and master-ship shall become your habit!

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