Fear is an indication that greatness is close by.

We live in a world where we are taught to be fearful, I think its an excuse for the complacency that crept into a society where quantity became more important than quality.

Gone are the days when people cherish their craft, accepting to be mediocre instead. Living crippled by fear is choosing mediocrity over master-ship.

“A step towards what you fear is a mile towards mastering it.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

Many of us have fears that we rarely understand and unconsciously, we continue to nurture these fears and they too grow into adulthood with us.

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Fear is so powerful, if left unchecked that it can cripple an entire nation.

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The switch comes on the day, when the brain can provide answers to the questions the mind asks of it, it is then fearlessness begins.

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Although we use the term fearless, it doesn’t mean to be without fear but instead means being efficient in the managing ones mind to the extent that fears are not inhibitors but rather indicators of areas worth exploring.

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To be fearless means knowing the potential consequences of your actions and taking calculated action.

Who taught you?

Most fears are not ours but instead inherited through generations.

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Without questioning our values we shall continue to repeat the flaws of the past, and past those flaws on to our children.

What did you see?

While some fear is valid, most fear is imagined.

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Much of the fear that surrounds us today has been created by the media.

Reality check

We all have greatness in us, but unless we know, we are lost to that reality.

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The opposite of that greatness is crippling fear.

Its strange how people more often tend to be aware of their fears but not their greatness.

Here’s what,

there is always dual existence in every situation and therefore where there is fear there is greatness of equal proportion.

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The Yin and Yang concept of existence.  

This is quite a comforting idea, because we now realize, the bounty that awaits us if we can materialize the greatness within ourselves to the proportion of our fears. 

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In this way, fear becomes an opportunity to unearthing the greatness that lies within our gold rich mines.  

If you were digging for gold, wouldn’t you become encouraged, when you come across indicators in the ground to say you were getting close to the big day?

Fear is an indication that greatness is close by!


Fear of anything is an indication, that you have a specific capacity of greatness to conquer that particular fear.

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Go explore!

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