Change can’t wait

I’m lucky to be present, on the 29th of June 2020, Anguilla chose a new government, a young government not a female majority but the female presence in this government will go down in history as the most powerful political move in Anguilla history. I think the world will remember this.

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Why do I say this? Well Miss Dee-Ann Rogers Kentish, Britain’s choice for miss universe in 2018 , with the support of team Anguilla progressive movement, retired Mr Victor Bank, a politician of outstanding credentials and a 40 year stretch as part of government in Anguilla politics.

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Not only did the APM take one of the most important seats on the island but they went on to sweep the Anguilla United Movement out of office, allowing only 3 members of the AUM to be present in parliament. One of the youngest members of parliament to be elected is 25 year old Mr Jose Vanterpool, a second massive win for Anguilla politics. 

I’d like to relay to you my feelings, but I’m so overwhelmed by this team that It brings tears to my heart, so maybe saying i’m touched is enough.

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Any of us could have all done what this team have done but we didn’t, I am reminded of Martin Luther’s speech, just the essence of it, “I’ve been to the mountain top and I’ve seen the promise land”.

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Why does this come to mind? This is the impetus that allowed this group of predominantly young people to see the possibility, they had a dream which by some lining up of the stars, they all believed in.

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We will never know for certain if they all reached the mountain top and saw the promise land, but what we do know, is they all believed in that dream.

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Those that saw the promise land were competently able to relay the essence of that vision, allowing those who may not have seen it clearly, to see it through faith.

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The shift

 The moment this realization took place, that which was perceived impossible by others became a possibility to them.

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The thought of this opens, my heart for I once thought that unity was dead, I am glad I was wrong. My faith in the power of the committed has been restored in a world where commitment is seldom found.  The lessons that are taught in this episode of Anguilla’s history speaks volumes.

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The result

 A group that had a dream launched a campaign 5 months ago called “Change can’t wait”, and won the skepticism, then the hope, then the despair, and finally the victory of an idea that became a message and a reminder to Anguilla, Change can’t wait.

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Change is the only norm, change is a must and not only that “Change can’t wait” but for those who lost, Change won’t wait.

For as long as there is a better option change will move towards that better option, and if there is nothing better, change will still occur but in the form of decline.

Many nation have come and gone, those that came and rose, rose because the change that presented itself was superior the to status quo, and those that decline are the ones that lost the will to offer a better way of life.

Change can’t wait!

Congratulation Anguilla Progressive Movement!

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