Waking up at 5 AM?

Granny always said do not let the sun catch you in your bed

She was my mentor and for years I could not meet her standards, still, I never forgot what she taught me. I would say she was a good teacher.


I wish to share my strategy of waking up at 5 AM with you in the hope that it helps you to conquer this challenge for yourself. With some effort to ensuring you get sufficient rests before your wake time, you’ll find it much easier than I’ve written.

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My why

It was not until I decided to read about what made successful people successful, and the habits they nurtured to facilitate that success, that waking up at 5 am got the position of being right up there with God and meditation.

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I’ve never actually risen from bed and found my granny still in bed, its just not done, the ole folks came and went with this as their number one rule and so they instilled it into their children, but their children felt it made life difficult and considered sleep as a mercy that they’d showed to their children.  

Begin at the beginning


I’m stronger now, I done some work on will power and focusing and once I decided on waking up early, it came pretty easy. This was not always so, I’ve tried it in the past and was never successful but since teaching myself how to focus on an idea, I told myself I’d wish to do it and began the day after.

Find answers to the questions that bombard your mind.

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Here’s where the power in solving all challenges lie, find the answers to the questions bouncing around in the mind and you’ll find the conviction to step forward.

So I asked myself, why am I desirable of waking up at 5 AM? My answer was because I wish to see the sun rise, the question that followed was why do you wish to see the sun rise?

Because its so beautiful that not to see it make you ordinary, ordinary people will never see the sun rise and they’ll be too busy catching up, to see it before it descend beyond the horizon in the evening.

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I want to be extraordinary!

Finding conviction

Besides if that wasn’t convincing enough, most of the successful people I know and have read about, vows on that principle that the early birds are the first to taste the first fruit.

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I’ve had personal experience with birds pecking my papayas but I didn’t hold it against them because if I rose early enough, I’d have picked the first fruit before the birds got to it.  

Having answered the questions in the mind, its becomes easy to identify how waking up in the morning benefit.

What will you do then that a different time of the day would not have allowed you to do?

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Read / write in quietness, meditate or yoga at dawn, personally I use the opportunity to do all three.

So how do you get this wake up routine going?

The first step is why do we wake up? Because we are rested or because we set an alarm that have awoken us.

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While the alarm is I great device its not the ultimate for nurturing a happy result, being well rested is the best-case scenario, therefore going to bed at a time where amply rest can be achieved.

Identifying the hurdles

This means several things, as distractions are the hurdles to success. If one is to wake at 5 AM, then one is expected to be in bed by probably 830 PM. Here’s the challenge, creating a new habit means bringing to a close an old habit, a process that the brain hates.

Therefore, a decision must be made to close off all distractions and reschedule any unfinished tasks to a suitable slot in the timeline of your new day i.e. 5 AM to 8 PM.

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One of the most distracting activities to lay to rest between sunset and 830 PM is social media attention. This may even get you some not so kind friends as they may begin to feel abandoned. However, focus on your goal and work on resisting the temptation to respond to messages, posts, and all in fact, all communication, whilst you prepare for bed.

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Every day is a struggle to achieve this because friends will think they are doing you a favor to disturb you.

Once you cleared your distractions, then it is about ensuring that you have fulfilled the demands of the physical, so that you are prepared to rest.

This means nourishing your body ahead of time, so that 8:30PM meets you having had ample time to relax after eating, to allow you to be comfortable when you slip under those sheets.

Another factor to bear in mind is lighting, whether it be from your computer screen or from the lights in your home, if you dim them gradually, removing that amount of light automatically conditions the mind for sleep.

The rests is a waiting game, but I would suggest that you do some breathing exercises upon entering bed, they had sure put you to sleep, rather rapidly.  I tend to confirm silently and vocally that I wish to rise by 5 am, I do set two alarms and I tell you why.

Try this

I could not believe how fast my mind when from groggy to ready.

This is after some tweaking, I realized that familiar music (that I know really well) assisted in stimulating my mind quite rapidly, when one day I was so tired, I wanted to return to bed but, while I looked for a reason not to comply, I heard a song in my mind, it was “there’s no place like home for the holiday by the Carpenters.

So since then I have set my phone to the classic alarm at 455 AM and a musical tune alarm at 5 AM, by the way I am never in bed on the second alarm and I even rise before the first most times.

In conclusion

Waking early come with some adjustment to your usual routine, it’s challenging, it requires a little work, reasoning and some effort.

It’s a good thing, that the effort is in getting enough sleep and that’s the easiest effort you ever be expected to extend in the execution of any task, so go on enjoy it. Get as much light as you can upon waking, it helps a lot.

Coffee is certainly a big help in the wake up department, if you don’t consume that then try other beverages containing caffeine. my first call however is exercise which i’m off to do right now!

With ample rest you’ll find that your day is more productive but be cautious as there is a tendency to go all out and work harder, thus affecting your night rest which in turn affects your waking, monitor it!

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