Waking up my awareness!

The idea

Walking to the beach at 530am, just for the sake of walking to the beach, it was about 2 weeks ago that I decided that I should step up my game and to do that I’d need to seek more discipline in my day. I think a little more discipline is always good. I found myself waking and wondering, yoga or pull ups, both were strenuous ideas to open the day with which required both mental and physical strain.

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The indecisiveness was not a great way to begin the day, which is the reason the urgency arose. However, I’ve also been slacking on my mornings, rising at 7 am and feeling lousy about waking after sunrise.

There was no option, I made a firm decision to wake at 5 am, walk down the hill and back up, to force myself to make the decision to adapt in the face of discomfort.

Mental health is pivitol to a healthy lifestyle and is easily maintained if one takes responsibility to ensure that they remain aware of their existence, their presence.

In this post, I’m deliberating in an effort to create a new habit.


Maybe, being an empath is the reason that I look at life the way I do, I basically believe that one can adapt their mind to any situation, if one ask the right questions. The question is what are the right questions?

The discussion

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It’s 11pm and I’m having a conversation with self to create some mental development training. Thought it necessary as I find that my focus is getting a little fuzzy, what makes you think so? The mind fires back, I’d been contemplating it for a few days but kept holding off, see? Delaying on decisions!

The contract

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During the day I’d got a call from a friend who reminded me that the vibration in the air is to find balance. So, made the decision that it would be 5 am. Told myself, as it was already late, I’d have to got to bed soon it was 11:40 pm, if I’m to be well rested. It wasn’t until 2 am that I got to bed, but still i sat the alarm for 5am, and was reminded that if you aren’t willing to make sacrifice then there is no urgency in your actions. I was going to do this, YAARR!!!

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At 5, I was awake getting ready to head out the house at earliest light, I was impressed, I felt no fatigue but I asked myself will tomorrow be as energetic, I had my doubts, the mind does that first then you’ve got to prove your belief in your mission because if you continue the mindset, your doubts will manifest.

The reality

The next morning I awoke, tired, I quickly left the bedroom as I was so tired that I felt if I sat on the bed, that that would be it.

bed sheet near glass window

Sitting at the kitchen counter, drinking water, I could see the bed needed making but this wasn’t a priority, what was taking, place was my mind was trying to get my body back to bed, but I was aware. I entered the bedroom, walked over to the bed and began pulling at the sheets to straighten them. Leaning over the bed the idea to fall onto it seemed a fantastic one and so I did it.

Small wins

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Immediately, that inner voice said lets go, get up, my eyes peered open, blanket in my eyes. Suddenly I heard a song in my mind, “there’s no place like home for the holidays,” I don’t know why, its June. Non the less, my brain perked, I began to tune in, fatigue ran out, I got ready and made my way down the hill. I’d found a strategy, music make my brain alert.  

To conclude

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Breaking with habit will always throw up some resistance by the brain, so will creating new habits, however, disciplining the mind is possible even thought it takes some practice. Practicing mental health awareness makes it easier for an individual to live a better life / work / universally conscious balance. #itallifestyle!

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