Controlling fear

As i swam, I could hear the rush of the water as if something was fast approaching and I wasn’t thinking of a boat, no, I remembered Jaws too vividly and despised my ability to recollect so descriptively, just this once.

woman standing at beach beside shark signage

My mind was challenging my will, I knew my thoughts were exaggerated, Still, I controlled them by telling myself, we don’t have shark attacks in our waters.

assorted chess piece

Check mate, for a moment longer i controlled my fear, to assure myself that all was safe I stared under the water to the sight of beautifully uninterrupted white sand with a few drops of sea floor cover.

I was pleased, very pleased, I pushed on. I thought of how important it is to control anxiety, fear, and suspicion and how easy it is to become disorientated with false evidence appearing real.

painting of man

I swam on. In the distance I could see the ship wrecks in the rocks and again my mind sort to create a fancy story from the situation.

black military ship maneuvering beside stone mountain

I was reminded that I’d never been to that side of wrecks and also reminded that I’d once scuba dived a wreck and observed that it was where sharks took cover. I began to think maybe sharks had made these wrecks their home, still I pressed on.

woman dipping in ocean

I realize there was a pattern, every time i perceived an unknown, I thought of a shark but it didn’t linger for long, just seconds.

scrabble tiles forming be fearless be you phrase

As I got closer to the south hill side of the bay, I kept on telling myself, you’ve reached close enough to the hill, you can turn back now, but I also challenged myself to be comfortable in your actions and not concede to your fear because it was fear saying head back, while the going is good.

white book with text

On the other hand, a voice was encouraging me to meet fate head on and not to be afraid of the consequences, once you have decided upon an action.

Good Vibes Only sand text

I thought I should go straight up on the beach, then I thought suppose you come out of the water then didn’t feel like going back in, there was nowhere to walk out of there. I decided against that, I’ll stay in touch with the water.

brown cliff

It was still deep 6 feet away from the edge of the stones of the bay. I felt good, I’d swam from pier to pier a distance of 400 meters and back then proceeded to swim to the furthest point north of the bay another 400 meters then to the furthest point south of the bay aprox another 1200 meters but it wasn’t over yet. I now had to swim from the furthest point south of the bay back to Barrel stay aprox 400 meters.

woman in the sea

As I swam, I reflected on what I had learnt on this journey, starting from knowing nothing about ocean swimming, having no reason why I could possibly be successful at it and believing all the wrong things.

you didnt come this far to only come this far lighted text

You can still turn around everything and go on to conquer the seemingly impossible.

close up photography of black and white ceramic mug on table

I realize how important it was to remain focused on the moment, making it the best you possibly can by ensuring that the moment is spectacularly transformed, by ensuring you had as much current information at hand.

laptop near the smartphone

I realized why focusing on the moment was better than the destiny.

black and brown dart board

When one commits to being exceptional in the moment, destiny will take care of itself.

silhouette photo of a person walking on seashore under cloudy sky during golden hour

I realized how important it is to upgrade your knowledge continuously, for, fear only surfaces as the unknown grows. I also learnt, to continuously push to new heights for that opens up our capacity to greater confidence.

person sun bathing on white inflatable buoy under sunny skies

What is most amazing is how so much of our reality is dictated by our perception and not by the physical truth of our reality.

optical illusion

“I want to be able to do that” was a dream, that created a reality. I was standing on the beach looking back at the waters I’d explored, to this I confirmed, it is good!

beach during golden hour

Thank you for reading, its been a pleasure to write!

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