Your time and how you spend it matters, own your time!!

Did you know that research has shown that a significant percentage of heart attacks take place on a Monday morning?

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The question is do people really hate Mondays or do they hate where they go on Mondays ? May be its every day and not just Mondays, you know how people tend to get use to the idea after a day, when they think of their bills they conform and get on with it, until Friday, the fact that there is FGIF tells us that the week running the treadmill is not our most passionate moments.

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Or maybe working for someone is not your cup of tea and you’ve not been brave enough yet to say it with your own voice yet. Your time and how you spend it matters!

Who’d have thought that the opportunity to work from home would become so exaggerated, its always been there but then came …..


Covid-19 has made it so obvious that we can no longer rely on going to a place of work every day to earn a livelihood.

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But when we can’t leave the house, our households are out of pocket, the economy is out of pocket but the bills keep mounting up.

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And when bills pour in, money pour out and money is a scarce resource, this causes uncertainty.

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Such uncertainty is sure to bring its share of stress, which is the leading cause of heart disease.

I hear you ask where do we go from here then?

Anywhere is better than there!

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Work from home opportunities have been increasing steadily over the past 5 years and today they are spiraling out of control.

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Both demand and supply are on the increase. The market is in its infancy despite its exponential growth. This is because there are 7-9 billion people on the planet and motor skill are the only skills one is required to master in order to participate in this emerging way of life, thats the the potential of the future.

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Lets walk towards the light and embrace the future of owning our time with E commerce

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