My granny use to say “You can do anything once you put you mind to it”

Success is guaranteed when you’ve identified your truth.

Difficulty in life occurs because the mind is confused as to where exactly you see yourself.

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The mind is a powerful tool, which, if instructed accurately will bring you the result that you desire. If it is healing that you require, the mind can repair the body thoroughly. If its ability that you require, the mind can copy any action and bringing accuracy to its execution.

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We have been led to believe that our bodies require outside intervention to be made whole, that our bodies are less than the bodies of others or our minds less than the capacity of the minds of others but we tend to forget that the mind built this body, yes it was instruction within our cells that instructed those cell as where and how to position themselves. These instructions ensured, that when we were born, we looked like every other human form on earth, with a left side that mirrors a right side.

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This is the power of the brain. That power is not only there during your formation but throughout your life. Unfortunately, we are taught to rely of all the personnel that were not involved in our assembly, once we exist the womb.

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My story begins swimming about 30 minutes out from shore, I ran into some strong currents and began to worry for my safety. Immediately, me and self went into emergency meetings, I reminded self that it was capable of placing my eyes pretty close to perfectly opposite each other,

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it also made my right and left hands pretty much the same size and look, I actually could not detect any discrepancies.

I praised my brain for its dedication to over looking “a good work” and once I was able to remind self that she was there from the beginning, she confirmed that she was capable of taking adequate control of any situation.

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I calmed down, closed my eyes and swam towards my destination, shore, here we come!

What do you need your mind (central command) to map out for you? Comment below.

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#Itallifesytle is about living real, its about synchronizing with the vibration of the 7 chakras, 7 heavens, 7 days of the strong not the weak, its a journey that leads to immortality by understanding the wisdom of your existence, a journey that most will never walk because we've become too addicted to a photo-shopped existence and so reality is painful. Still we trod, granting a melody, a smile or a laugh, while remembering our obligation to a harmonious and universally fruitful existence!

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