So you’re 40+ and frustrated! You did what you thought you needed to do still you’ve not reached where you intended, but did you really know where you wanted to end up or were you just hoping?

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Most people tend to give the impression that they’ve got it sorted, they dress in their nice suits, displaying the confidence of a peacock but the difference is the peacock knows that it a peacock, its feather fan as a peacock’s does, a dog barks as dogs do, the cow mows as cows do but as people we are forced to fit a mold usually belonging to someone else, the thing is, as Oscar Wilde said “be yourself every one else is taken.”  

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Media is such an influence in our lives these days that many of us will never find ourselves, nor our purpose because we’re too busy running behind who we’re taught we must be. Its not something we do deliberately but rather something we’re influenced to do by the frequency with which, its trusted into our faces.

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Everyday something’s on TV or on the radio or In the papers, suggesting that we be this or that, do this or than, speak like this or that.

This peer pressure coupled with the fact that human have the desire to belong to groups, and so we accept the invitation subliminally and move towards the line up, awaiting a chance to try to be something and someone we’re not.

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And while we have this desire to fit in, its worth asking the question is it worth the sacrifice we have to make?

We’ll justify it with one excuse or the other but in reality its because being ourselves doesn’t come with a manual and as we’ve been taught to look for an example to copy from school, we tend to believe that unless we can find an example of who we’re suppose to be, we need to follow an example that makes society proud, the example of ambition, resilience, morality etc.

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How about being you? Just plain you and although I say it in a way that makes “you” sound trivial, you are you, in your uniqueness, your sensitivity, your ordinary-ness  like a hand, there are no intents for fingers to feel less than because they are not the same as, no they just fit their position as part of a hand, members of a hand.

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There is not desire by any fingers to prove they’re better than or that the other should be as they are, they’re just getting on with fulfilling the purpose they’ve been set to serve. Well we seek to fill the spot that the media gives to us. So then, is the media has become our brain? We’re forced into a world where norms of behavior have done much to distract us from our purpose then we end up frustrated because we feel we’re not fitting in as we expected we would or should.

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