Here is a listing of Calcium dense foods. Calcium is plentiful in plant foods that are allowed on the Paleo Diet.

Check out a few examples of calcium rich foods

  • Orange juice, fortified with calcium
sliced of tangerine fruits
  • Tempeh and tofu
two boiled eggs
  • Tahini
chocolate truffles on white plate
  • Almond or almond butter           
  • Turnip greens, raw     
vegetable stand
  • Kale, raw        
nuts and parsley in a bowl
  • Edamame,
green chili on bowl
  •      Figs
strawberry, fig, and green fig on display
  • Bok choy
spinaches on brown wooden plate
  • Broccoli, raw
top view photography of purple fruit

Of course, supplements are also available, including vitamin D that helps with absorption of calcium.

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