More health tips for women

  • Being a super woman is a health concern that threatens you mentally as well as physically. Taking time for yourself is not selfish… it is necessary.
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  • When we take time to relax, we allow our bodies to wind down and rest allowing
    for physical, mental, and spiritual reparation.
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  • Yoga eases anxiety, depression, and stress and brings peace and calm to women looking to significantly boost their wellness.
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  • Soy contains molecules that mimic the effects of female estrogen that can help with menopausal hot flashes.
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  • For women, strength training is a skill of freedom, power, and control… it gives them a sense of independence and allows them to better themselves both mentally and physically.
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  • Meditation serves women in easing chronic pain, reducing anxiety, lowering risk for heart disease and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.
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  • Healthy aging begins in a woman’s twenties when she pays attention to lifestyle choices and chooses to make her health and wellbeing a #1 priority.

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  • Women who take the time to care of themselves are happier, healthier and have more to give to the ones they love.
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  • Women are more likely to die from a heart attack than men are and heart disease is the #1 killer of women… making healthy lifestyle choices and assessing your risk factors is key to prevention.
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  • Homemade essential oil skin care remedies are 100% natural options that eliminate the chemicals found in commercial products.
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