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  • Listen to your inner voice…it always knows best!

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  • Take control of your healthcare! Your doctor knows a lot but it’s always best to explore all your healthcare options, including alternative treatments to be sure that you get optimal and comprehensive care.
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  • A holistic medicine practitioner offers women a well-rounded program to ensure the health of mind, body, and spirit.
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  • Meditation, aromatherapy, tai chi, visualization, yoga and massage as well as herb and vitamin supplementation can add life to your years by keeping you mentally and physically fit.
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  • A woman’s weight, diet, and level of physical activity influence whether or not she develops breast cancer. These are controllable risk factors, which can be modified in the hope of preventing the disease.
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  • Overweight women have an increased risk of developing breast cancer. This becomes more likely following menopause. Excess body weight encourages the body to secrete higher levels of estrogen and insulin, which can contribute to cancer growth.
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  • Massage does more than feel good. It relieves pain, provides relaxation, and improves sleep. It also strengthens immune function, helps alleviate PMS symptoms, improves mental alertness and clarity and eases headaches and decreases headache frequency.
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  • Moreover, it improves appearance of hair and skin, relieves stress, anxiety, fatigue, and depression, and increases and improves circulation in the body. It also eases muscle tightness, knots, aches, pains, and enhances energy and feelings of well-being.
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  • Black cohosh, wild yam, licorice, chasteberry and ginseng herbs are widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to alleviate perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms.
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  • Phytoestrogen rich foods like alfalfa, almonds, beets, cabbage, cashews, chestnuts, hummus, miso, oats, olive oil, olives, papaya, peas, soybeans, and soy sprouts naturally help menopausal symptoms.
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  • Exercise and mind-body activities like meditation, yoga, and tai chi relieve stress and ease menopausal symptoms
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