Unplug – Unwind – 30 Ways To Relax – Get Back To You

Soak up these suggestions, studies show that just the thought of something beautiful changes the chemistry of our bodies, read through and induce the energy that you desire!

Breathe in fresh air

Smell a flower

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Get a massage

Drink tea in bed

Do yoga

Take a walk in nature

Run with your dog

Soak up the sun

Laugh and play with friends



Listen to music

Take a bike ride

Go to the beach

Lay back and lounge

Run in nature

Brush your hair

Enjoy a sunrise

Take a vacation

Do tai chi or qigong

Feel the ocean breeze on your skin

Make a salad

Cuddle with your pet

Take a bath with aromatherapy essential oils

watch the sun set

Close the day with the sound of nightfall

Get lost in your thoughts

Read a book

Feel nature (touch the sand)

Wiggle your toes in the sand

let the wind blow your stress away

You’re not close to the beach? No problem, this makes good dreaming material!!

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#Itallifesytle is about living real, its about synchronizing with the vibration of the 7 chakras, 7 heavens, 7 days of the strong not the weak, its a journey that leads to immortality by understanding the wisdom of your existence, a journey that most will never walk because we've become too addicted to a photo-shopped existence and so reality is painful. Still we trod, granting a melody, a smile or a laugh, while remembering our obligation to a harmonious and universally fruitful existence!

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