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At times tears are a pleasure, the feeling reminds us that we are alive, that we’re conscious about our surroundings and that we appreciate feeling comforted.

Do you ever wonder why what happens to you, is happening? Or do you get so hung up on the pain, that you forget, that other elements are at play? Well , we’re all like that. We all forget to that when we’re being taught or corrected its never comfortable.

Why do this?

  • I’ve been one of those who pushed against the wasp nests so often that I had to realise that there was a reason i did. After all i couldn’t be that stupid, what i eventually realised was that i was seeking the lessons of life. The kind of lessons one can’t learn without the experience. It’d be a waste if i didn’t share those lessons with you.

Some people are taught to teach other’s some people are born to teach others, some people are sacrificed for others as unfair as it seems at the time of the sacrifice. Why? Non of your fingers chose their identity and neither do we. I didn’t graduate from the school of hard knocks, I lived. What you’ll find on this blog is how i did it and the path i now know that i took.

Itallifestyle is the Eden way of living, before the plush and glittering comforts of life swept us into a frenzie and that too is life, however, sometimes we say to ourselves if only i could get a reset, if only i could just experience the life when it had a meaning, when it wasn’t all about what we have, what it was just livin, the experience alone would be great. Having been raised by my granny, I constanlty compare, greive and miss the times when happiness was a feeling, not a grin and utterance of I’m having fun. I’ll tell you about it.

  • If i were to put it in a sentence, it’d be: Life is like a rose bush, you always wish not to get pricked but you eventually do, how you respond determines how many times it’ll happen again, thats living real, #Itallifestyle, take it as it comes and keep it real.

I’ve learnt so well from the experiences of life that I’ve been able to coach myself out of dark spaces. I hope that you’ll at least you find inspiration in reading this blog.

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#Itallifesytle is about living real, its about synchronizing with the vibration of the 7 chakras, 7 heavens, 7 days of the strong not the weak, its a journey that leads to immortality by understanding the wisdom of your existence, a journey that most will never walk because we've become too addicted to a photo-shopped existence and so reality is painful. Still we trod, granting a melody, a smile or a laugh, while remembering our obligation to a harmonious and universally fruitful existence!

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