Just another day, but one with a greater purpose!

There is nothing thats out of place, who you’re meant to be, has been construction in progress. You had to be built like a housing complex, from the ground up, layer by layer.


Frustration is an indication that you’re greater than you presently are, if you weren’t you’d not even realise thats you’re in an uncomfortable spot.

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is not a new blog, its one that I’ve been writing from childhood, I didn’t know it, until i heard silence, it was then I realised, life is a story. I just didn’t know I was suppose to share it.

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#Itallifesytle is about living real, its about synchronizing with the vibration of the 7 chakras, 7 heavens, 7 days of the strong not the weak, its a journey that leads to immortality by understanding the wisdom of your existence, a journey that most will never walk because we've become too addicted to a photo-shopped existence and so reality is painful. Still we trod, granting a melody, a smile or a laugh, while remembering our obligation to a harmonious and universally fruitful existence!

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