Just another day, but one with a greater purpose!

There is nothing thats out of place, who you’re meant to be, has been construction in progress. You had to be built like a housing complex, from the ground up, layer by layer.


Frustration is an indication that you’re greater than you presently are, if you weren’t you’d not even realise thats you’re in an uncomfortable spot.

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is not a new blog, its one that I’ve been writing from childhood, I didn’t know it, until i heard silence, it was then I realised, life is a story. I just didn’t know I was suppose to share it.

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How to tap the brain to win

The brain is a powerful tool, you don’t need anyone to confirm that for you, just go to the mirror in your bathroom and confirm it for yourself.

I hear you ask how? We’ll just take a look at your eyes, nose and mouth, do you see any errors? What do you think is responsible for organizing them? Ok if that’s not rocket science, take a look at the pupil of your eyes, do you see how it adjusts to light? What do you think is responsible for that? Wiggle your toes, what’s responsible for that?

UV light

I’ve pointed all this out to remind you that your brain is powerful beyond our imagination. For the most part we tend to take things for granted that seem to come easy not realizing that the only reason it seems easy is due to the sophisticated execution of our brain’s ability.

Now that we’ve been reminded, lets see how we can use this to our benefit

Identify your why

forest trees marked with question marks

We are all driven by the desire to succeed in some way or the other, but often we ask ourselves how do we succeed?


woman peeking over green leaf plant taken at daytime

We can do 100 things at the same time because that’s the way the brain works but in order to see measurable change if we put our attention behind one thing we’ll see the change sooner.


Having identified where we will place our attention, we’ve got to ask ourselves have we the relevant information that contributes to the success of the idea? You see the mind must be convinced that success is attainable in the pursuits that it decides on and how this is done is by an intellectual analysis of the information relating to the area of interest.

woman wearing denim jacket reading book

Just like in financial accounting, the more precise the information is that one has, the better position they’re in to make an informed decision.  

Outside the comfort zone

brown life is great signage

As we move through life, the brain asks a series of question about where we are? Where we’re heading? and why are we heading in this direction? It relies on its internal information system to answer these questions.

printed sticky notes glued on board

It’s internal information system is fed by research through observation, experience and information passed through traditions. Developing staying power is based on the brain’s ability to answer the questions, it will ask itself as one physically approaches a challenge.

man reading magazine

If the relevant information is not available in the brains information system then the brain will instruct the body to go in search of additional information. When the brain is satisfied with the information it has available and is successful with its result from implementing that information, knowledge is developed .


With knowledge i.e the know-how, the brain becomes familiar with the environment in which it finds itself and begins to repeat this familiar action. Through repetition, a sequence is developed for the execution of this action.

purple and pink plasma ball

Over time this sequenced is learnt and reinforced, thus increasing the efficiency of the brain to carry out this action next time round.  This act builds commitment, in fact, commitment is built through the enjoyment the brain experiences from being successful each time it performs the act.


Habits to be made LED signage

Prolonged commitment leads to the development of habit, habit is the automatic impulse to conduct an act.  No longer is effort required, as the body, mind and soul are now delighted to repeat the act, due to the gratification associated with observing the results of the action.


wake up kick ass. be kind. repeat printed glass wall

Understanding the brain and how it operates, goes a far way to facilitating your success story. There is a significant amount of discomfort in teaching the brain anything new but over time it all subsides.

fortune cookie

If one understands the process one can wait out the discomfort, knowing for a certainty that the learning process can deliver nothing else but success, however most people give up too quickly and thus they learn and develop the habit of how to giving up. That’s the thing the brain is always learning, it is a learning organ, its only purpose is to master the environment presented to it.

two person standing on gray tile paving

If one understands this sequence then one is in a position to tap the brain to win.

Freedom through e-commerce

For aprox 10 years, I’ve watch the e-commerce industry climb to heights, unimaginable, from drop shipping to affiliate marketing to content creation to digital products, etc etc etc.

This to do 1. Own today printed frame beside teal headset

Legitimate means to exists in a totally digital world via the World Wide Web ie the internet.

woman in black shirt with spider web on her face

This was always coming from the days of America online, when internet was loaded on a CD disc to be uploaded to a computer somewhere in a basement.

white disc on laptop computer disc player

 With the emergence of platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Youtube, Facebook Twitter, Instagram etc and the potential clients that these platform attract, together with data analysis, the potential of e-commerce  has exploded.

Amazon cardboard box character figurine

This has added hope to everyone, from big business to entrepreneurs the world over.  What has made it even more attractive is the ability for information regarding successes to go viral on these platforms, spreading glad tiding to those looking for new horizons to explore.

bird's-eye view of high-rise buildings

While it built its reputation through passive means over the years, the presence of CIVID 19 has seen the true potential of e-commerce shine like a sun from the west.

person holding black android smartphone


We would hope everyone has seen it by now, but just in case you haven’t, Barbados went on record to let the world know, that as a country, they shall be creating a visa that facilitates the  laptop life style in the chill of the Caribbean breeze, sun, sand and turquoise sea.  

palm trees in beach

It’s like a dream, a working opportunity to live as if your happiness depended on it. Check put this article https://bit.ly/3fv0ZUy

  And your health does depend on your work environment, work stress is a leading cause of ill health, studies have even shown that a significant percentage of heart attacks occur on a Monday morning.

black i hate Mondays printed box on white textile

For this and other reasons, millions of dissatisfied workers and entrepreneurs are now browsing the internet looking for that equation to turn their lifetime hobby into a striving enterprise. I have done considerable research seeking out a lifestyle online.   

person pointing map

E-commerce has its own energy to revolutionize the way, we’ve all done business in the past.

Never before has it been so easy for a person living anywhere in the world to pull together a business idea without traveling or knowing the person with whom they wish to do business.

two woman standing beside earth scale

All that needs to take place, is the product being sold on a platform, is presented to a person who is interested in whats being offered.

black flat screen tv on white and brown wooden table

If you wish to understand more relating to creating an income online I’ve included an affiliate link https://bit.ly/2ZtNa2V

If you transact business with this link, I’ll earn a commission for providing it, this is an e-commerce transaction.

Big Brand Sale neon signage

While it may not seem a great deal, the more links I provide, the increased number of opportunities for transactions. Over time this can amount to become equivalent to a full time salary.

girl in white and black shirt holding baby in white onesie

The prospects of e-commerce can only get greater as knowledge and know how increases.

What we do know is, there is no turning back, more and more business and entrepreneurs are moving their interest online, especially in the face that mobile use is increasingly becoming the means of interaction in a world always on the go!


i am a good girl book

That is, if it’s not here already!

The harmony of learning

Learning has been given a bad rap by those who lack the secret to its mastery.

grey concrete statue of man

Truth is, learning is a very natural process made unnatural by the misunderstanding of learning.

photo of outer space

What if someone taught you HOW TO learn before teaching you WHAT TO learn?

woman wearing gray top

The first step in the path to learning is to inform the mind as to what it is to expect, how to learn, through reflecting on what you’ve come across in life.

mans face on black flat screen tv

The up the downs, what lessons did you learn and how did that learning take place? Sort of re-engineering the process. Then using that strategy to move forward with your learning process.

woman in white shirt writing on white paper

Sounds complicated? It works!

Esoteric wisdom

Having been through the process, I’ve decided that the mind could be instructed to learn. One verse came from the bible and I’m not a bible person but wisdom is wisdom where ever it is found, this verse states

The Greatest in the Kingdom
2Jesus invited a little child to stand among them. 3“Truly I tell you,” He said, “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 4Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.…

bible page on gray concrete surface

I interpret this as heaven being a state of harmony, harmony is only possible with understanding and understanding only possible with learning.

black stacking stones on gray surface

Becoming as a child, inquisitive, with an enquiring minds, open minded and therefore a combination of having an open mind with the willingness to accept learning rather that to seek to refute it, question it, validate it, is having a mind of a child.

girl sitting on daisy flowerbed in forest

In my experience this is the foundation of learning.

As adults, our mind’s are so filled with instruction that makes us feel a sense of entitlement to knowing because of our age, many adults are seldom open to new information without questioning the one who brings the information.

red and white open neon signage

As an adult, if one is to learn in the fastest way possible, one needs to silence the notion that “I know because I’m an adult”.

On accepting this reality, the brain is at ease with new info and the tug of war between the conscious mind and the subconscious subsides.

2 dogs playing on green grass during daytime

Learning is now possible for the harmony of learning has been established between the student and the teacher, the conscious and the subconscious.   

woman in dress holding sword figurine

Habit is the master of all skills

Becoming a master of any skill is relatively easy, does this sound strange?

man holding black and gray katana

Mastery has become something far removed not because it is, but because we have allowed ourselves to forget that we become masters of walking, speaking, sitting and eating because we repeat the act regularly.

couple walking barefoot with a child at the garden

Lets go back to when we were a child, just learning to walk, talk, sit and eat, we recall the effort our parents made to encourage us to sit straight, chew our food, walk properly and talk properly, we’ve all heard the old saying “train up a child in the way it should grow, and when it grows up it will never depart. This is to say however you train that child it becomes.

woman walking beside people near green trees

The reference to a child speaks to the mind accepting guidance to enable that child to do the things that they see others doing.

printer paper

Whenever we are enter an unknown space, the brain positions itself to gain knowledge so that it may reduce the discomfort,that the psyche experiences. It is at this point the brain is open to learning.

red apple fruit on four pyle books

How it accepts the new knowledge is dependent upon the individuals attitude toward life, ie the way they have been taught to view new knowledge.

child lying on the ground beside bike and standing man

A master’s mindset will see the opportunity to dominate the energy in that space, this does not mean to dominate others, no, but instead to dominate the discomfort felt by being in a space of new information.

person slicing tomatoe

As we live in a space of dual reality, the opposing mindset to mastering skill is to just to get by or to master the impression of doing when infact all one is doing is appearing to master ie the impressionist, the master impressionist.  

photo of blue and green peacock

In everything, one has the choice to master the skill or master the impression of knowing the skill, both masters require the same effort to become masters, however the master of the skill, benefits in the long run, the impressionist never stays around long enough to be a benefit to themselves or others.

man in black leather jacket with red wig


Mastering comes naturally because the brain is a precision tool of natural intelligence, when natural intelligence is repeated, that intelligence becomes habitual as habit is developed by precise repetition.

round gray ashtray on brown wooden table top

Whatever we repeatedly do, we will perfect, to the extent that we become “masters”, therefore master good habit and master-ship shall become your habit!

Fear is an indication that greatness is close by.

We live in a world where we are taught to be fearful, I think its an excuse for the complacency that crept into a society where quantity became more important than quality.

Gone are the days when people cherish their craft, accepting to be mediocre instead. Living crippled by fear is choosing mediocrity over master-ship.

“A step towards what you fear is a mile towards mastering it.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

Many of us have fears that we rarely understand and unconsciously, we continue to nurture these fears and they too grow into adulthood with us.

black monitor displaying image every thing

Fear is so powerful, if left unchecked that it can cripple an entire nation.

painting of man

The switch comes on the day, when the brain can provide answers to the questions the mind asks of it, it is then fearlessness begins.

We The people text


Although we use the term fearless, it doesn’t mean to be without fear but instead means being efficient in the managing ones mind to the extent that fears are not inhibitors but rather indicators of areas worth exploring.

person riding parachute and ski
To be fearless means knowing the potential consequences of your actions and taking calculated action.

Who taught you?

Most fears are not ours but instead inherited through generations.

Marvel Spider-Man action figure

Without questioning our values we shall continue to repeat the flaws of the past, and past those flaws on to our children.

What did you see?

While some fear is valid, most fear is imagined.

black and orange led watch

Much of the fear that surrounds us today has been created by the media.

Reality check

We all have greatness in us, but unless we know, we are lost to that reality.

Twin Tower, Malaysia

The opposite of that greatness is crippling fear.

Its strange how people more often tend to be aware of their fears but not their greatness.

Here’s what,

there is always dual existence in every situation and therefore where there is fear there is greatness of equal proportion.

grayscale photography of woman

The Yin and Yang concept of existence.  

This is quite a comforting idea, because we now realize, the bounty that awaits us if we can materialize the greatness within ourselves to the proportion of our fears. 

black and white number 9

In this way, fear becomes an opportunity to unearthing the greatness that lies within our gold rich mines.  

If you were digging for gold, wouldn’t you become encouraged, when you come across indicators in the ground to say you were getting close to the big day?

Fear is an indication that greatness is close by!


Fear of anything is an indication, that you have a specific capacity of greatness to conquer that particular fear.

black and brown wooden frame

Go explore!

Change can’t wait

I’m lucky to be present, on the 29th of June 2020, Anguilla chose a new government, a young government not a female majority but the female presence in this government will go down in history as the most powerful political move in Anguilla history. I think the world will remember this.

planet earth close-up photography

Why do I say this? Well Miss Dee-Ann Rogers Kentish, Britain’s choice for miss universe in 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diPc3VvvliA , with the support of team Anguilla progressive movement, retired Mr Victor Bank, a politician of outstanding credentials and a 40 year stretch as part of government in Anguilla politics.

island under blue sky

Not only did the APM take one of the most important seats on the island but they went on to sweep the Anguilla United Movement out of office, allowing only 3 members of the AUM to be present in parliament. One of the youngest members of parliament to be elected is 25 year old Mr Jose Vanterpool, a second massive win for Anguilla politics. 

I’d like to relay to you my feelings, but I’m so overwhelmed by this team that It brings tears to my heart, so maybe saying i’m touched is enough.

aerial photo sand


Any of us could have all done what this team have done but we didn’t, I am reminded of Martin Luther’s speech, just the essence of it, “I’ve been to the mountain top and I’ve seen the promise land”.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e49VEpWg61M

man in white t-shirt and grey pants standing on top of hill


Why does this come to mind? This is the impetus that allowed this group of predominantly young people to see the possibility, they had a dream which by some lining up of the stars, they all believed in.

Believe mural painting


We will never know for certain if they all reached the mountain top and saw the promise land, but what we do know, is they all believed in that dream.

Dream Big text

Those that saw the promise land were competently able to relay the essence of that vision, allowing those who may not have seen it clearly, to see it through faith.

green rose leaves and two cards flat lay photography

The shift

 The moment this realization took place, that which was perceived impossible by others became a possibility to them.

lighted Be afraid of the enformity of the rossible neon signage

The thought of this opens, my heart for I once thought that unity was dead, I am glad I was wrong. My faith in the power of the committed has been restored in a world where commitment is seldom found.  The lessons that are taught in this episode of Anguilla’s history speaks volumes.

please stay on the path signage

The result

 A group that had a dream launched a campaign 5 months ago called “Change can’t wait”, and won the skepticism, then the hope, then the despair, and finally the victory of an idea that became a message and a reminder to Anguilla, Change can’t wait.

Change neon light signage


Change is the only norm, change is a must and not only that “Change can’t wait” but for those who lost, Change won’t wait.

For as long as there is a better option change will move towards that better option, and if there is nothing better, change will still occur but in the form of decline.

Many nation have come and gone, those that came and rose, rose because the change that presented itself was superior the to status quo, and those that decline are the ones that lost the will to offer a better way of life.

Change can’t wait!

Congratulation Anguilla Progressive Movement!

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Waking up at 5 AM?

Granny always said do not let the sun catch you in your bed

She was my mentor and for years I could not meet her standards, still, I never forgot what she taught me. I would say she was a good teacher.


I wish to share my strategy of waking up at 5 AM with you in the hope that it helps you to conquer this challenge for yourself. With some effort to ensuring you get sufficient rests before your wake time, you’ll find it much easier than I’ve written.

silhouette of mountain under orange sky

My why

It was not until I decided to read about what made successful people successful, and the habits they nurtured to facilitate that success, that waking up at 5 am got the position of being right up there with God and meditation.

person doing meditation pose

I’ve never actually risen from bed and found my granny still in bed, its just not done, the ole folks came and went with this as their number one rule and so they instilled it into their children, but their children felt it made life difficult and considered sleep as a mercy that they’d showed to their children.  

Begin at the beginning


I’m stronger now, I done some work on will power and focusing and once I decided on waking up early, it came pretty easy. This was not always so, I’ve tried it in the past and was never successful but since teaching myself how to focus on an idea, I told myself I’d wish to do it and began the day after.

Find answers to the questions that bombard your mind.

white markee light

Here’s where the power in solving all challenges lie, find the answers to the questions bouncing around in the mind and you’ll find the conviction to step forward.

So I asked myself, why am I desirable of waking up at 5 AM? My answer was because I wish to see the sun rise, the question that followed was why do you wish to see the sun rise?

Because its so beautiful that not to see it make you ordinary, ordinary people will never see the sun rise and they’ll be too busy catching up, to see it before it descend beyond the horizon in the evening.

people gathering in Taj Mahal at India during daytime

I want to be extraordinary!

Finding conviction

Besides if that wasn’t convincing enough, most of the successful people I know and have read about, vows on that principle that the early birds are the first to taste the first fruit.

two blue-and0-green birds perched on tree branch in closeup photography

I’ve had personal experience with birds pecking my papayas but I didn’t hold it against them because if I rose early enough, I’d have picked the first fruit before the birds got to it.  

Having answered the questions in the mind, its becomes easy to identify how waking up in the morning benefit.

What will you do then that a different time of the day would not have allowed you to do?

silhouette of person balancing using 1 foot

Read / write in quietness, meditate or yoga at dawn, personally I use the opportunity to do all three.

So how do you get this wake up routine going?

The first step is why do we wake up? Because we are rested or because we set an alarm that have awoken us.

white ceramic mug beside white and black analog alarm clock

While the alarm is I great device its not the ultimate for nurturing a happy result, being well rested is the best-case scenario, therefore going to bed at a time where amply rest can be achieved.

Identifying the hurdles

This means several things, as distractions are the hurdles to success. If one is to wake at 5 AM, then one is expected to be in bed by probably 830 PM. Here’s the challenge, creating a new habit means bringing to a close an old habit, a process that the brain hates.

Therefore, a decision must be made to close off all distractions and reschedule any unfinished tasks to a suitable slot in the timeline of your new day i.e. 5 AM to 8 PM.

turned on gold iphone 6

One of the most distracting activities to lay to rest between sunset and 830 PM is social media attention. This may even get you some not so kind friends as they may begin to feel abandoned. However, focus on your goal and work on resisting the temptation to respond to messages, posts, and all in fact, all communication, whilst you prepare for bed.

gnite neon sign

Every day is a struggle to achieve this because friends will think they are doing you a favor to disturb you.

Once you cleared your distractions, then it is about ensuring that you have fulfilled the demands of the physical, so that you are prepared to rest.

This means nourishing your body ahead of time, so that 8:30PM meets you having had ample time to relax after eating, to allow you to be comfortable when you slip under those sheets.

Another factor to bear in mind is lighting, whether it be from your computer screen or from the lights in your home, if you dim them gradually, removing that amount of light automatically conditions the mind for sleep.

The rests is a waiting game, but I would suggest that you do some breathing exercises upon entering bed, they had sure put you to sleep, rather rapidly.  I tend to confirm silently and vocally that I wish to rise by 5 am, I do set two alarms and I tell you why.

Try this

I could not believe how fast my mind when from groggy to ready.

This is after some tweaking, I realized that familiar music (that I know really well) assisted in stimulating my mind quite rapidly, when one day I was so tired, I wanted to return to bed but, while I looked for a reason not to comply, I heard a song in my mind, it was “there’s no place like home for the holiday by the Carpenters.

So since then I have set my phone to the classic alarm at 455 AM and a musical tune alarm at 5 AM, by the way I am never in bed on the second alarm and I even rise before the first most times.

In conclusion

Waking early come with some adjustment to your usual routine, it’s challenging, it requires a little work, reasoning and some effort.

It’s a good thing, that the effort is in getting enough sleep and that’s the easiest effort you ever be expected to extend in the execution of any task, so go on enjoy it. Get as much light as you can upon waking, it helps a lot.

Coffee is certainly a big help in the wake up department, if you don’t consume that then try other beverages containing caffeine. my first call however is exercise which i’m off to do right now!

With ample rest you’ll find that your day is more productive but be cautious as there is a tendency to go all out and work harder, thus affecting your night rest which in turn affects your waking, monitor it!

Waking up my awareness!

The idea

Walking to the beach at 530am, just for the sake of walking to the beach, it was about 2 weeks ago that I decided that I should step up my game and to do that I’d need to seek more discipline in my day. I think a little more discipline is always good. I found myself waking and wondering, yoga or pull ups, both were strenuous ideas to open the day with which required both mental and physical strain.

coconut tree on beach

The indecisiveness was not a great way to begin the day, which is the reason the urgency arose. However, I’ve also been slacking on my mornings, rising at 7 am and feeling lousy about waking after sunrise.

There was no option, I made a firm decision to wake at 5 am, walk down the hill and back up, to force myself to make the decision to adapt in the face of discomfort.

Mental health is pivitol to a healthy lifestyle and is easily maintained if one takes responsibility to ensure that they remain aware of their existence, their presence.

In this post, I’m deliberating in an effort to create a new habit.


Maybe, being an empath is the reason that I look at life the way I do, I basically believe that one can adapt their mind to any situation, if one ask the right questions. The question is what are the right questions?

The discussion

brown dried leaves on sand

It’s 11pm and I’m having a conversation with self to create some mental development training. Thought it necessary as I find that my focus is getting a little fuzzy, what makes you think so? The mind fires back, I’d been contemplating it for a few days but kept holding off, see? Delaying on decisions!

The contract

stack rock on seashore

During the day I’d got a call from a friend who reminded me that the vibration in the air is to find balance. So, made the decision that it would be 5 am. Told myself, as it was already late, I’d have to got to bed soon it was 11:40 pm, if I’m to be well rested. It wasn’t until 2 am that I got to bed, but still i sat the alarm for 5am, and was reminded that if you aren’t willing to make sacrifice then there is no urgency in your actions. I was going to do this, YAARR!!!

yeah text overlay

At 5, I was awake getting ready to head out the house at earliest light, I was impressed, I felt no fatigue but I asked myself will tomorrow be as energetic, I had my doubts, the mind does that first then you’ve got to prove your belief in your mission because if you continue the mindset, your doubts will manifest.

The reality

The next morning I awoke, tired, I quickly left the bedroom as I was so tired that I felt if I sat on the bed, that that would be it.

bed sheet near glass window

Sitting at the kitchen counter, drinking water, I could see the bed needed making but this wasn’t a priority, what was taking, place was my mind was trying to get my body back to bed, but I was aware. I entered the bedroom, walked over to the bed and began pulling at the sheets to straighten them. Leaning over the bed the idea to fall onto it seemed a fantastic one and so I did it.

Small wins

gray and black moka pot on top of gray gas range oven

Immediately, that inner voice said lets go, get up, my eyes peered open, blanket in my eyes. Suddenly I heard a song in my mind, “there’s no place like home for the holidays,” I don’t know why, its June. Non the less, my brain perked, I began to tune in, fatigue ran out, I got ready and made my way down the hill. I’d found a strategy, music make my brain alert.  

To conclude

blue green and yellow coated wires

Breaking with habit will always throw up some resistance by the brain, so will creating new habits, however, disciplining the mind is possible even thought it takes some practice. Practicing mental health awareness makes it easier for an individual to live a better life / work / universally conscious balance. #itallifestyle!

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Controlling fear

As i swam, I could hear the rush of the water as if something was fast approaching and I wasn’t thinking of a boat, no, I remembered Jaws too vividly and despised my ability to recollect so descriptively, just this once.

woman standing at beach beside shark signage

My mind was challenging my will, I knew my thoughts were exaggerated, Still, I controlled them by telling myself, we don’t have shark attacks in our waters.

assorted chess piece

Check mate, for a moment longer i controlled my fear, to assure myself that all was safe I stared under the water to the sight of beautifully uninterrupted white sand with a few drops of sea floor cover.

I was pleased, very pleased, I pushed on. I thought of how important it is to control anxiety, fear, and suspicion and how easy it is to become disorientated with false evidence appearing real.

painting of man

I swam on. In the distance I could see the ship wrecks in the rocks and again my mind sort to create a fancy story from the situation.

black military ship maneuvering beside stone mountain

I was reminded that I’d never been to that side of wrecks and also reminded that I’d once scuba dived a wreck and observed that it was where sharks took cover. I began to think maybe sharks had made these wrecks their home, still I pressed on.

woman dipping in ocean

I realize there was a pattern, every time i perceived an unknown, I thought of a shark but it didn’t linger for long, just seconds.

scrabble tiles forming be fearless be you phrase

As I got closer to the south hill side of the bay, I kept on telling myself, you’ve reached close enough to the hill, you can turn back now, but I also challenged myself to be comfortable in your actions and not concede to your fear because it was fear saying head back, while the going is good.

white book with text

On the other hand, a voice was encouraging me to meet fate head on and not to be afraid of the consequences, once you have decided upon an action.

Good Vibes Only sand text

I thought I should go straight up on the beach, then I thought suppose you come out of the water then didn’t feel like going back in, there was nowhere to walk out of there. I decided against that, I’ll stay in touch with the water.

brown cliff

It was still deep 6 feet away from the edge of the stones of the bay. I felt good, I’d swam from pier to pier a distance of 400 meters and back then proceeded to swim to the furthest point north of the bay another 400 meters then to the furthest point south of the bay aprox another 1200 meters but it wasn’t over yet. I now had to swim from the furthest point south of the bay back to Barrel stay aprox 400 meters.

woman in the sea

As I swam, I reflected on what I had learnt on this journey, starting from knowing nothing about ocean swimming, having no reason why I could possibly be successful at it and believing all the wrong things.

you didnt come this far to only come this far lighted text

You can still turn around everything and go on to conquer the seemingly impossible.

close up photography of black and white ceramic mug on table

I realize how important it was to remain focused on the moment, making it the best you possibly can by ensuring that the moment is spectacularly transformed, by ensuring you had as much current information at hand.

laptop near the smartphone

I realized why focusing on the moment was better than the destiny.

black and brown dart board

When one commits to being exceptional in the moment, destiny will take care of itself.

silhouette photo of a person walking on seashore under cloudy sky during golden hour

I realized how important it is to upgrade your knowledge continuously, for, fear only surfaces as the unknown grows. I also learnt, to continuously push to new heights for that opens up our capacity to greater confidence.

person sun bathing on white inflatable buoy under sunny skies

What is most amazing is how so much of our reality is dictated by our perception and not by the physical truth of our reality.

optical illusion

“I want to be able to do that” was a dream, that created a reality. I was standing on the beach looking back at the waters I’d explored, to this I confirmed, it is good!

beach during golden hour

Thank you for reading, its been a pleasure to write!

Defining the boundaries of fear

The Swim: The morning after.

woman in black and red jacket holding blue surfboard on beach during daytime

Struggling with the tide I thought for a moment….. if I stopped, then I’ll always stop when the going gets tough.

body of water

Besides when you’re tired, you’ve only given 40% of yourself, my reasoning gained courage, I remembered a nugget and was proud.

I’m in training, the best habits are built now, at this point, after such a great victory, the inner voice emphasized.

black card

I was witnessing a dual, Yin & Yang at work, It hit me that’s what the dual in individual comes from, two opposing forces in one body, both with equal capability to dominate. The choice….

grey tiled curving structure

Mortals with the powers of the immortal, but divided and thus weak wow…. I observed and kept pushing into the swim.

I asserted the power of the Immortal , I’ll shut down the suggestions urging me to stay in this place of comfort by pressuring myself, I thought.

person holding white mug

Here we go, under the water I went, instantly depriving the comfortable me of air, the breath of life. I decided to make the weak me, pay for its weaknesses.

a person drowns underwater

I knew this strategy would build rock hard determination. I began to taunt myself, “aww you must be tired, real tired, I continued in my taunt, and dove under again, then I said ok lets stop, I came to a standstill, ok, time’s up, come on, swim!

scrabble chips forming shift happens word near white feather

Get off your ass, I was determined to be unstoppable. After swimming for about 5 more minutes, all the urges were forgotten. I was so amazed, check this, only minutes ago I felt like I could not go any more, now I feel that I can’t stop, I had broken the will barrier.

person holding cocktail glass

I tried all sorts of stuff, I induced leg muscles cramp by over using my legs and to prove to myself that it didn’t phase me, I kept swimming, pulling my legs behind. I’d confirmed that as long as I did not panic, there was nothing to worry about.

closeup photography of cairn stone

I tested buoyancy, swimming with my head lifted and realize that my body would be less buoyant in that position, then placed my face back into the water and continued my swim.

and breathe neon sign on tre

I was so pleased with my success that I began to sing the Nat King Cole classic Mona Lisa, it was then I drank a mouth full of sea water and choked.

woman jumping on body of water

I jeered myself for my over confident complacency, I had clearly taken sides, live in the moment I reminded myself, the sea is no place for error, never forget it.

person pointing Stay Present road sign during daytime

I understood, still, I’d still sing when it was safe to do so.

On the close of my swim I’d swam approximately 4000 meters, 10 lengths from pier to pier, my trust in myself had been expanded! .

black and brown happy new year text

I marveled with amazement because from one week to the other, I had gone, from not being capable of swimming 400 meters comfortably, to swimming 4000 meters nonstop and all that had changed was the boundaries of my fear…….

aerial photography of body of water during golden hour