Just another day, but one with a greater purpose!

There is nothing thats out of place, who you’re meant to be, has been construction in progress. You had to be built like a housing complex, from the ground up, layer by layer.


Frustration is an indication that you’re greater than you presently are, if you weren’t you’d not even realise thats you’re in an uncomfortable spot.

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is not a new blog, its one that I’ve been writing from childhood, I didn’t know it, until i heard silence, it was then I realised, life is a story. I just didn’t know I was suppose to share it.

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Sunday 14

Thinking out loud

I love this land called Anguilla but we have lost the spirit of being Anguillian which was handed down to our generation by our foreparents. We have allowed ourselves to be influenced by foreign elements and to our way we must return. If we don’t our children will loose orientation and their behavior shall bring shame to our heritage! Do you recall the song O island in the sun, will to me by my father’s hand? We need to sing it and remind ourselves of the contract we have with our ancestors.

File:Anguilla map.jpg

Among our people we have a game we play, we laugh at the mistakes our children make and telling them to toughen up. Yep, so by the time they’re adults they’ve toughen up so much that they totally stopped trying. Now we tell them they have no innovation, all they do is what the other person does, do you know why? They are afraid of being laughed at when they fail so they only do what they see works. Even the obese now now call themselves big bone, as they havent the mental courage to do anything to bring themselves bck to a healthy state, they’ve become so tough! This is Caribbean wide, how did you learn how to hate your own progress so thoroughly? This is where mental health money needs to be spent, how can one see their grandmother /father, mother/father, aunties/uncles brothers and sisters dying for the same disease that’s plagued the family for 100 years and change nothing? They are afraid to try and fail, but if they try they could succeed and break a family trait that has failed them for generations.

grayscale photo of 3 women standing and smiling

I do not see myself through the eyes of anyone else but myself. When the media pretends as if I do not exist, I’m forced to mention myself, if that offends you, speak to the media! I’ve never seen an African in all the discoveries scientist claim to have found of ancient times, sound very similar to that jesus christ story, so this backward shit is still going on and I’m suppose to be so dumb to pretend as if my brain hasn’t picked it up! The School, church, college, University indoctrination didn’t work on me!

The Great Pyramid of Giza, Tomb in Egypt

Habits of people with low esteem

They are constantly looking for others to make fun of!

We are in a world, where rather than work to overcome our weakness, we’ve learnt to market them as beautiful and unique.

man and woman standing near wall

I don’t like the Modern Caribbean, Its empty and hold small change more important than people. Our islands are small enough to maintain authentic Caribbean life at a high enough standard to be among the happiest nations on earth. We need to redraw our blueprint, something’s gone wrong!

They contaminated trust and cause you to doubt by saying never trust one who says trust me! The words trust me are uttered from the soul, its a contract that if broken will begin the destruction of the physical. Restore your life line, restore your trust!

two people shaking hands

Reality is a bitter cup to swallow. Some of us bury it in religion, some bury it in promiscuity, some in the bottle, some in drugs. If you associate with the right people, people who your energy choses rather than your desire, you shall reign supreme because your creator that dwells in you is supreme. Make it your business to meet your divine self because with your divine self beside you, you walk with knowledge of everything you need to dominate reality!

sitting buddha beside pillar candles

We do not feel oppressed because we are weak individuals, we feel oppressed because we stand alone. Unity is strength

green and black insect on brown sand

A problem well stated is half solved. Don’t allow your appreciation for someone prevent you from speaking the truth. I love the hospitality industry, its where I found my earliest confidence, however, we must contain its influence over our island. Unfortunately, the hospitality industry has influenced our citizen to live a life like a tourist, over spending because we’ve lost bearing that a typical holiday lasts for 10 days. We have turned our entire existence into a holiday. Most of us drink every single day, forgetting that our tourist friends return to their homes and will not engage in the heavy drinking / spending/ bar crawling for a next few months. These excesses bring dis- ease to an already tired body. Excessive drinking, insufficient rest, chicken and chips and pizza meals and high stress from having to manage wages that are rather low in comparison to the cost of living on the island will eventually result in irreversible damage to your body. Love the friends who visit us but love yourself enough to live!

sun light passing through green leafed tree

Rasta within

May be an image of text

The point of life is to be who you know you are, adding nor subtracting nothing!

May be an image of sky, twilight and nature

Speaking silently

Have you ever felt compelled to speak of something, that nothing has been said of, but you know there is an implied exclusion of ideas that should have been mentioned? life is a playground for a thinker!

Here is the world we would all like the read about, not see, we just like it in a story because it ignites the emotion in us and remind us of our humanity. Yep thats it!

Imagine if we really wished to see the world of harmony? It would cost too much anyway and we love what we have, we’re not willing to give it up.

Ar well if you’ve read to the end, you felt the feeling, lets get back to our comfortable world.

Rasta says The Sun shines for all, the rain falls on everyone’s house, this is the best example for the harmony of humanity!

Meet Tsharnii

Tsharnii is a life lover, all life.

Cats are my responsibility as i pass through this plane.

A seer in nature from childhood, I spend my time trying to figure out solutions to maters that challenge humanity. I love nature because it is truth, so i love truth. As a child I felt to ashamed when I was caught lying at age 7.

The embarrassment was worst than the chastisement, which was too much for me so i decided I wouldn’t lie.

Life’s not that easy, society imposes lies upon its citizens and ties those lies to the perks you receive from the system, so I lied to get those perks.

I observed the trauma it brought to people’s lives and decided again at 21, when i am free of my present relationship I would come clean.

When you make an agreement, if you cannot see it through, then do what you can to close out that contract and start with a new with terms that you can follow through.

Having this outlook on life has allowed me to realize somethings that are not so common.

I share hoping that others can begin to reverse the mental death of truth and restore the power they were created with.

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Jus livin

Holistic reality requires the vibe, living in harmony with all that is conducive to the development of the universe of which humanity is a part.

Its easy to think of self, but the universe is alive also and if you think selfishly, it will cut you off to fend for yourself. Without the universe as your shield of protection its characteristics become your enemies.

The universe has been winning this game of chess for 65 million years, fall in line

How to tap the brain to win

The brain is a powerful tool, you don’t need anyone to confirm that for you, just go to the mirror in your bathroom and confirm it for yourself.

I hear you ask how? We’ll just take a look at your eyes, nose and mouth, do you see any errors? What do you think is responsible for organizing them? Ok if that’s not rocket science, take a look at the pupil of your eyes, do you see how it adjusts to light? What do you think is responsible for that? Wiggle your toes, what’s responsible for that?

UV light

I’ve pointed all this out to remind you that your brain is powerful beyond our imagination. For the most part we tend to take things for granted that seem to come easy not realizing that the only reason it seems easy is due to the sophisticated execution of our brain’s ability.

Now that we’ve been reminded, lets see how we can use this to our benefit

Identify your why

forest trees marked with question marks

We are all driven by the desire to succeed in some way or the other, but often we ask ourselves how do we succeed?


woman peeking over green leaf plant taken at daytime

We can do 100 things at the same time because that’s the way the brain works but in order to see measurable change if we put our attention behind one thing we’ll see the change sooner.


Having identified where we will place our attention, we’ve got to ask ourselves have we the relevant information that contributes to the success of the idea? You see the mind must be convinced that success is attainable in the pursuits that it decides on and how this is done is by an intellectual analysis of the information relating to the area of interest.

woman wearing denim jacket reading book

Just like in financial accounting, the more precise the information is that one has, the better position they’re in to make an informed decision.  

Outside the comfort zone

brown life is great signage

As we move through life, the brain asks a series of question about where we are? Where we’re heading? and why are we heading in this direction? It relies on its internal information system to answer these questions.

printed sticky notes glued on board

It’s internal information system is fed by research through observation, experience and information passed through traditions. Developing staying power is based on the brain’s ability to answer the questions, it will ask itself as one physically approaches a challenge.

man reading magazine

If the relevant information is not available in the brains information system then the brain will instruct the body to go in search of additional information. When the brain is satisfied with the information it has available and is successful with its result from implementing that information, knowledge is developed .


With knowledge i.e the know-how, the brain becomes familiar with the environment in which it finds itself and begins to repeat this familiar action. Through repetition, a sequence is developed for the execution of this action.

purple and pink plasma ball

Over time this sequenced is learnt and reinforced, thus increasing the efficiency of the brain to carry out this action next time round.  This act builds commitment, in fact, commitment is built through the enjoyment the brain experiences from being successful each time it performs the act.


Habits to be made LED signage

Prolonged commitment leads to the development of habit, habit is the automatic impulse to conduct an act.  No longer is effort required, as the body, mind and soul are now delighted to repeat the act, due to the gratification associated with observing the results of the action.


wake up kick ass. be kind. repeat printed glass wall

Understanding the brain and how it operates, goes a far way to facilitating your success story. There is a significant amount of discomfort in teaching the brain anything new but over time it all subsides.

fortune cookie

If one understands the process one can wait out the discomfort, knowing for a certainty that the learning process can deliver nothing else but success, however most people give up too quickly and thus they learn and develop the habit of how to giving up. That’s the thing the brain is always learning, it is a learning organ, its only purpose is to master the environment presented to it.

two person standing on gray tile paving

If one understands this sequence then one is in a position to tap the brain to win.

Freedom through e-commerce

For aprox 10 years, I’ve watch the e-commerce industry climb to heights, unimaginable, from drop shipping to affiliate marketing to content creation to digital products, etc etc etc.

This to do 1. Own today printed frame beside teal headset

Legitimate means to exists in a totally digital world via the World Wide Web ie the internet.

woman in black shirt with spider web on her face

This was always coming from the days of America online, when internet was loaded on a CD disc to be uploaded to a computer somewhere in a basement.

white disc on laptop computer disc player

 With the emergence of platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Youtube, Facebook Twitter, Instagram etc and the potential clients that these platform attract, together with data analysis, the potential of e-commerce  has exploded.

Amazon cardboard box character figurine

This has added hope to everyone, from big business to entrepreneurs the world over.  What has made it even more attractive is the ability for information regarding successes to go viral on these platforms, spreading glad tiding to those looking for new horizons to explore.

bird's-eye view of high-rise buildings

While it built its reputation through passive means over the years, the presence of CIVID 19 has seen the true potential of e-commerce shine like a sun from the west.

person holding black android smartphone


We would hope everyone has seen it by now, but just in case you haven’t, Barbados went on record to let the world know, that as a country, they shall be creating a visa that facilitates the  laptop life style in the chill of the Caribbean breeze, sun, sand and turquoise sea.  

palm trees in beach

It’s like a dream, a working opportunity to live as if your happiness depended on it. Check put this article https://bit.ly/3fv0ZUy

  And your health does depend on your work environment, work stress is a leading cause of ill health, studies have even shown that a significant percentage of heart attacks occur on a Monday morning.

black i hate Mondays printed box on white textile

For this and other reasons, millions of dissatisfied workers and entrepreneurs are now browsing the internet looking for that equation to turn their lifetime hobby into a striving enterprise. I have done considerable research seeking out a lifestyle online.   

person pointing map

E-commerce has its own energy to revolutionize the way, we’ve all done business in the past.

Never before has it been so easy for a person living anywhere in the world to pull together a business idea without traveling or knowing the person with whom they wish to do business.

two woman standing beside earth scale

All that needs to take place, is the product being sold on a platform, is presented to a person who is interested in whats being offered.

black flat screen tv on white and brown wooden table

If you wish to understand more relating to creating an income online I’ve included an affiliate link https://bit.ly/2ZtNa2V

If you transact business with this link, I’ll earn a commission for providing it, this is an e-commerce transaction.

Big Brand Sale neon signage

While it may not seem a great deal, the more links I provide, the increased number of opportunities for transactions. Over time this can amount to become equivalent to a full time salary.

girl in white and black shirt holding baby in white onesie

The prospects of e-commerce can only get greater as knowledge and know how increases.

What we do know is, there is no turning back, more and more business and entrepreneurs are moving their interest online, especially in the face that mobile use is increasingly becoming the means of interaction in a world always on the go!


i am a good girl book

That is, if it’s not here already!

The harmony of learning

Learning has been given a bad rap by those who lack the secret to its mastery.

grey concrete statue of man

Truth is, learning is a very natural process made unnatural by the misunderstanding of learning.

photo of outer space

What if someone taught you HOW TO learn before teaching you WHAT TO learn?

woman wearing gray top

The first step in the path to learning is to inform the mind as to what it is to expect, how to learn, through reflecting on what you’ve come across in life.

mans face on black flat screen tv

The up the downs, what lessons did you learn and how did that learning take place? Sort of re-engineering the process. Then using that strategy to move forward with your learning process.

woman in white shirt writing on white paper

Sounds complicated? It works!

Esoteric wisdom

Having been through the process, I’ve decided that the mind could be instructed to learn. One verse came from the bible and I’m not a bible person but wisdom is wisdom where ever it is found, this verse states

The Greatest in the Kingdom
2Jesus invited a little child to stand among them. 3“Truly I tell you,” He said, “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 4Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.…

bible page on gray concrete surface

I interpret this as heaven being a state of harmony, harmony is only possible with understanding and understanding only possible with learning.

black stacking stones on gray surface

Becoming as a child, inquisitive, with an enquiring minds, open minded and therefore a combination of having an open mind with the willingness to accept learning rather that to seek to refute it, question it, validate it, is having a mind of a child.

girl sitting on daisy flowerbed in forest

In my experience this is the foundation of learning.

As adults, our mind’s are so filled with instruction that makes us feel a sense of entitlement to knowing because of our age, many adults are seldom open to new information without questioning the one who brings the information.

red and white open neon signage

As an adult, if one is to learn in the fastest way possible, one needs to silence the notion that “I know because I’m an adult”.

On accepting this reality, the brain is at ease with new info and the tug of war between the conscious mind and the subconscious subsides.

2 dogs playing on green grass during daytime

Learning is now possible for the harmony of learning has been established between the student and the teacher, the conscious and the subconscious.   

woman in dress holding sword figurine

Habit is the master of all skills

Becoming a master of any skill is relatively easy, does this sound strange?

man holding black and gray katana

Mastery has become something far removed not because it is, but because we have allowed ourselves to forget that we become masters of walking, speaking, sitting and eating because we repeat the act regularly.

couple walking barefoot with a child at the garden

Lets go back to when we were a child, just learning to walk, talk, sit and eat, we recall the effort our parents made to encourage us to sit straight, chew our food, walk properly and talk properly, we’ve all heard the old saying “train up a child in the way it should grow, and when it grows up it will never depart. This is to say however you train that child it becomes.

woman walking beside people near green trees

The reference to a child speaks to the mind accepting guidance to enable that child to do the things that they see others doing.

printer paper

Whenever we are enter an unknown space, the brain positions itself to gain knowledge so that it may reduce the discomfort,that the psyche experiences. It is at this point the brain is open to learning.

red apple fruit on four pyle books

How it accepts the new knowledge is dependent upon the individuals attitude toward life, ie the way they have been taught to view new knowledge.

child lying on the ground beside bike and standing man

A master’s mindset will see the opportunity to dominate the energy in that space, this does not mean to dominate others, no, but instead to dominate the discomfort felt by being in a space of new information.

person slicing tomatoe

As we live in a space of dual reality, the opposing mindset to mastering skill is to just to get by or to master the impression of doing when infact all one is doing is appearing to master ie the impressionist, the master impressionist.  

photo of blue and green peacock

In everything, one has the choice to master the skill or master the impression of knowing the skill, both masters require the same effort to become masters, however the master of the skill, benefits in the long run, the impressionist never stays around long enough to be a benefit to themselves or others.

man in black leather jacket with red wig


Mastering comes naturally because the brain is a precision tool of natural intelligence, when natural intelligence is repeated, that intelligence becomes habitual as habit is developed by precise repetition.

round gray ashtray on brown wooden table top

Whatever we repeatedly do, we will perfect, to the extent that we become “masters”, therefore master good habit and master-ship shall become your habit!

Fear is an indication that greatness is close by.

We live in a world where we are taught to be fearful, I think its an excuse for the complacency that crept into a society where quantity became more important than quality.

Gone are the days when people cherish their craft, accepting to be mediocre instead. Living crippled by fear is choosing mediocrity over master-ship.

“A step towards what you fear is a mile towards mastering it.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

Many of us have fears that we rarely understand and unconsciously, we continue to nurture these fears and they too grow into adulthood with us.

black monitor displaying image every thing

Fear is so powerful, if left unchecked that it can cripple an entire nation.

painting of man

The switch comes on the day, when the brain can provide answers to the questions the mind asks of it, it is then fearlessness begins.

We The people text


Although we use the term fearless, it doesn’t mean to be without fear but instead means being efficient in the managing ones mind to the extent that fears are not inhibitors but rather indicators of areas worth exploring.

person riding parachute and ski
To be fearless means knowing the potential consequences of your actions and taking calculated action.

Who taught you?

Most fears are not ours but instead inherited through generations.

Marvel Spider-Man action figure

Without questioning our values we shall continue to repeat the flaws of the past, and past those flaws on to our children.

What did you see?

While some fear is valid, most fear is imagined.

black and orange led watch

Much of the fear that surrounds us today has been created by the media.

Reality check

We all have greatness in us, but unless we know, we are lost to that reality.

Twin Tower, Malaysia

The opposite of that greatness is crippling fear.

Its strange how people more often tend to be aware of their fears but not their greatness.

Here’s what,

there is always dual existence in every situation and therefore where there is fear there is greatness of equal proportion.

grayscale photography of woman

The Yin and Yang concept of existence.  

This is quite a comforting idea, because we now realize, the bounty that awaits us if we can materialize the greatness within ourselves to the proportion of our fears. 

black and white number 9

In this way, fear becomes an opportunity to unearthing the greatness that lies within our gold rich mines.  

If you were digging for gold, wouldn’t you become encouraged, when you come across indicators in the ground to say you were getting close to the big day?

Fear is an indication that greatness is close by!


Fear of anything is an indication, that you have a specific capacity of greatness to conquer that particular fear.

black and brown wooden frame

Go explore!